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Fusee.Jometri Namespace

The types in this module implement geometry manipulation functionality.

Geometry manipulation algorithms need to quickly access information about a geometry's topology including queries such as "Wich edges are connected to a vertex", "Retrieve all vertices for a given polygon", "Retrieve all adjacent polygons".

The main type provided in this module is Geometry internally keeping geometry data in a data structure called DECL (doubly connected (half) edge list) allows for such queries. Additionally, a number of geometric algorithms are implemented here.

Public classBinarySearchTreeTK, TV
Data structure that stores items and allows fast lookup, insertion and deletion.
Public classCreatePrimitiveGeometry
This class provides public methods to create primitive geometry from scratch. The Geometry is stored in DCEL
Public classExtrude
Provides extrusion functionality for geometries.
Public classGeomEditing
Provides methods to edit the components of a geometry.
Public classGeometricOperations
Provides methods to perform geometric operations.
Public classGeometry
Stores geometry in a DCEL (doubly connected (half) edge list).
Public classGeomInitializeHelper
Helper class for initializing Geometry objects.
Public classNodeTK, TV
Represents a node in a (binary) tree.
Public classSubdivisionSurface
Provides functionallity to perform a Catmull-Clark Subdivision-Surface algorithm on a Geometry.
Public classTangentSpaceCalulator
Static class for tangent space calculation
Public classTriangulation
Contains the triangulation of a geometry, stored in half edge data structure.
Public structureFace
Each face belonging to a 2D geometry contains: a handle to assign a abstract reference to it. a referance to one of the half edges that belongs to the faces outer boundary. a List that contains handles to one half edge for each hole in a face. attribute information, e.g. the face nromal. Note that unbounded faces can't have a OuterHalfEdge but must have at least one InnerHalfEdge - bounded faces must have a OuterComponent.
Public structureFaceData
Contains additional information that can be added to Faces.
Public structureHalfEdge
Represents a half edge. Each half edge contains: a handle to assign a abstract reference to it. a handle to the half edge's origin vertex. a handle to the next half edge. a handle to the previous half edge. a handle to the face it belongs to. attribute information, e.g. the normal and the texture coordinates.
Public structureHalfEdgeData
Contains additional information that can be added to HalfEdges.
Public structurePolyBoundary
Represents an outer or inner boundary of a polygon.
Public structureVertex
Each vertex contains: a handle to assign a abstract reference to it. attribute information, e.g. the position of the vertex.
Public structureVertexData
Contains additional information that can be added to Vertices.
Public enumerationVertexType
To divide a polygon into y monotone pieces, the corners of this polygon must be divided into different categories. Those are start, end, split, merge, and regular vertices.