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Fusee.Engine.GUI Namespace

Classes in this module implement 2D and 3D graphical user interface (GUI) functionality.

Typical GUI components implemented by classes in this module are

  • GUIText - Static on-screen 3D text.
  • [!:GUIPanel] - Static on-screen 2D image.
  • GUIButton - On-Screen 2D button with hover and click events.

Public classCanvasNodeContainer
Building block to create suitable hierarchies for creating a UI canvas.
Public classGUIButton
Code component that creates a button from an object in the scene graph.
Public classGUIText
Public classSceneInteractionHandler
Needed for adding interactions/events to objects in the scene graph. Traverses the scene via a ScenePicker and invokes the necessary events.
Public classTextNodeContainer
Creates a SceneNodeContainer with the proper components and children for rendering text in the UI.
Public classTextureNodeContainer
Building block to create suitable hierarchies for using textures in the UI.
Public classUIElementPosition
Contains convenience functions to position a UI element on its parent element.
Public enumerationAnchorPos
Used when positioning UI elements. Each entry corresponds to a commonly used anchor point setup.