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Fusee.Base.Core Namespace

Types in this module implent FUSEE's basic functionality such as operating system functionality abstraction with varying implementations on different platforms and general functionality not related to 3D rendering

Among the most important classses are

  • AssetStorage - Can be used in applications to load assets of various types.
  • Diagnostics - Contains diagnostic aids to be used during debugging and logging.
  • Font - Platform independent access to font data.

Some of the functionality relies on platform specific implementations found in underlying platform-dependent modules. Common classes used by both, this module and underlying platform-dependent implementation modules can be found int the Fusee.Base.Common namespace.

Public classAssetStorage
A class providing access to Assets. An asset is considered any content to be loaded, de-serialized and converted during an application's lifetime. Often Assets should be loaded up-front and accessed during run-time with no perceivable delay. AssetStorage is a staticton (a singleton with an additional static interface).
Public classAsyncHttpAsset
Class to load data over HTTP asynchronously and process it according to AsyncAssetHandlers.
Public classDiagnostics
Contains some mostly static functions for diagnostic purposes.
Public classFont
A Font instance contains methods to access font and glyph data stored in a font description (TrueType or OpenType fonts).
Public classImageData
ImageData solves the problem of handling bitmaps in fusee by offering functions of bitmap manipulation.
Public classIO
Contains static methods not supported by portable libraries dealing with input/output.
Public structureAsyncAssetHandler
Public delegateAsyncAssetDecoder
Public enumerationAsyncAssetState