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Fusee.Base.Common Namespace

Types in this module are used within FUSEE's basic functionality implementation such as operating system functionality abstraction with varying implementations on different platforms and general functionality not related to 3D rendering.

Contained interfaces, classes, structs and enums are mostly declarative. Most of these types do not contain methods or other implementation code.

Many data types found in this module are used to glue platform independent code within Fusee.Base.Core to underlying platform-specific implementations.

Public classInjectMeAttribute
Use the InjectMe attribute to mark fields, properties or parameters of methods to be injectable by some (soon to be implemented) dependency injection framework. For the time being these values need to be set hardwired somewhere and the attribute is just intended as a marker.
Public classPath
Methods to perform various operations on strings resembling file paths.
Public classScanLine
Provides view into a portion (= one horizontal line) of a byte[] dataSource of an IImageData instance.
Public classSplitToCurveSegmentHelper
Contains methods to spit a CurvePart into CurveSegments.
Public classStreamAssetProvider
Asset provider base class for implementing asset providers based on streams. Used to implement FileAssetProvider and Android ApkAssetProviders.
Public structureAssetHandler
Structure containing an asset handler - typically used by implementation projects knowing how to decode an assset of a given type using a serialization format (e.g. a stream or a memory location) defined by the platform.
Public structureColorUint
Represents a 32-bit color (4 bytes) in the form of RGBA (in byte order: R, G, B, A). Seen as a 32 bit unsigned integer, each color is in the form AARRGGBB - so the most signifcant byte is Alpha and the least significatn byte is the blue channel
Public structureGlyphInfo
A struct for saving character information needed for proccesing a font.
Public structureImagePixelChannel
The ImagePixelChannel contains data about pixel bits and pixel encoding
Public structureImagePixelFormat
Offers additional Information for ColorFormat.
Public interfaceIAssetProvider
An AssetProvider knows how to akquire assets of certain types from a certain kind of storage.
Public interfaceIFontImp
Common functionality that needs to be provided by a Font implementor.
Public interfaceIImageData
Interface describing what operations are possible on arbitrary image data
Public interfaceIIOImp
Contract for all IO related functionality that is not supported by portable libraries. Implement this interface in a platform dependent implementation library for each platform that needs to be supported.
Public delegateAssetChecker
Public delegateAssetDecoder
Public delegateGetCallback
Used for asynchronous handling. BeginGetAsset(String, GetCallback).
Public enumerationColorFormat
ColorFormat information in enum representation. Entries are hints for Color channel encoding.
Public enumerationFileMode
Keep this binary compatible with System.IO.FileMode (unsupported on portable libraries).
Public enumerationGetCallbackState
The state of the asset akquisition process.
Public enumerationPixelEncoding
Enum describing the encoding of a pixel.