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Lerp Class

provides different LerpFunctions that can be used in a channel. A Lerp Function represents a linear interpolataion between 2 points in a timeline.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Fusee.Xirkit
Assembly:  Fusee.Xirkit (in Fusee.Xirkit.dll) Version: (
public static class Lerp

The Lerp type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberDoubleLerp
Lerp Function for Doubles.
Public methodStatic memberFloat2Lerp
Lerp Function for Float2.
Public methodStatic memberFloat3Lerp
Lerp Function for float3 values. Linearly interpolates the three components independently.
Public methodStatic memberFloat3QuaternionSlerp
Slerp Function for float3 using quaternion interpolation. Useful if the given float3 values contain euler angles in Pitch(x)/Yaw(y)/Roll(z) order. The euler angle set returned by this method is on the shortest spherical path between the two parameter euler angle sets. Note that using linear interpolation Float3Lerp(float3, float3, Single, Single) of angle values will NOT yield in a path lying on a great circle between the two parameters. Instead, using linear interpolation, the interpolated values will describe a curve called loxodrome which spirals around the poles (due to gimbal lock).
Public methodStatic memberFloat4Lerp
Lerp Function for Float4s.
Public methodStatic memberFloatLerp
Lerp Function for Float.
Public methodStatic memberIntLerp
Lerp Function for Int.
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