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IMemberAccessorT Interface

Base interface for all accessors. An accessor implements the connections between the Pin (IInPin or IOutPin) of a Node and a member (such as a Field or a Property) of the object "hosted" by the Node.

Namespace:  Fusee.Xirkit
Assembly:  Fusee.Xirkit (in Fusee.Xirkit.dll) Version: (
public interface IMemberAccessor<T>

Type Parameters

The type of the pin. This is not necessarily the exact type of the member exposed by the object due to Xirkits ability to perform data conversions.

The IMemberAccessorT type exposes the following members.

Public methodGet
Retrieves the value currently stored in the object o. his instance holds information about which member of o the value should be retrieved from and how to perform this retrieval.
Public methodSet
Sets the specified value to the given object. This instance holds information about which member is to be filled with the value and how to perform this assignment.
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