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MeshChangedEnum Enumeration

Propagates Mesh properties changed status inside MeshDataEventArgs

Namespace:  Fusee.Serialization
Assembly:  Fusee.Serialization (in Fusee.Serialization.dll) Version: (
public enum MeshChangedEnum
  Member nameValueDescription
Disposed0 The Mesh has been disposed.
Vertices1 The field Vertices changed.
Triangles2 The field Triangles changed.
Colors3 The field Colors changed.
Normals4 The field Normals changed.
Uvs5 The field UVs changed.
BoneWeights6 The field BoneWeights changed.
BoneIndices7 The field BoneIndices changed.
Tangents8 The field Tangents changed.
BiTangents9 The field BiTangents changed.
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