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LightComponent Class

Contains light information. If contained in a node, the node serves as a light object.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Fusee.Serialization
Assembly:  Fusee.Serialization (in Fusee.Serialization.dll) Version: (
public class LightComponent : SceneComponentContainer

The LightComponent type exposes the following members.

Public methodLightComponent
Initializes a new instance of the LightComponent class
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Public fieldActive
Represents the light status.
Public fieldAmbientCoefficient
Represents the ambient coefficient of the light.
Public fieldAttenuation
Represents the attenuation of the light.
Public fieldColor
Represents the color.
Public fieldConeAngle
Represents the spot angle of the light.
Public fieldConeDirection
Represents the cone direction of the light.
Public fieldName
The name of this component.
(Inherited from SceneComponentContainer.)
Public fieldPosition
Represents the position of the light.
Public fieldPositionWorldSpace
Represents the position in world coordinates.
Public fieldType
Represents the type of the light.
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