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IRigidBodyImp Interface

Implementation agnostic representation of the base class of all rigid body implementations. Contains members common to all rigid bodies.

Namespace:  Fusee.Engine.Common
Assembly:  Fusee.Engine.Common (in Fusee.Engine.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IRigidBodyImp

The IRigidBodyImp type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngularDrag
Gets the angular drag.
Public propertyAngularFactor
Gets or sets the angular factor.
Public propertyAngularVelocity
Gets or sets the angular velocity.
Public propertyCollisionShape
Gets or sets the collision shape.
Public propertyFriction
Gets or sets the friction.
Public propertyGravity
Gets or sets the gravity.
Public propertyInertia
Gets or sets the inertia.
Public propertyLinearDrag
Gets the linear drag.
Public propertyLinearFactor
Gets or sets the linear factor.
Public propertyLinearVelocity
Gets or sets the linear velocity.
Public propertyMass
Gets or sets the mass.
Public propertyPosition
Gets or sets the position.
Public propertyRestitution
Gets or sets the restitution.
Public propertyRotation
Gets the rotation.
Public propertyUserObject
Gets or sets a user object.
Public propertyWorldTransform
Gets or sets the world transform.
Public methodApplyCentralForce
Applies the central force apply central force.
Public methodApplyCentralImpulse
Applies the given impulse on the center of this rigid body instance.
Public methodApplyForce
Applies the force.
Public methodApplyImpulse
Applies the impulse.
Public methodApplyTorque
Applies the specified torque on this rigigd body instance.
Public methodApplyTorqueImpulse
Applies the specified torque impulse on this rigid body instance.
Public methodOnCollision
Called when a collision arises.
Public methodSetDrag
Sets the drag.
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