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IRenderCanvasImp Interface

Implementation agnostic representation of a render canvas.

Namespace:  Fusee.Engine.Common
Assembly:  Fusee.Engine.Common (in Fusee.Engine.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IRenderCanvasImp

The IRenderCanvasImp type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCaption
Implementation Tasks: Gets or sets the caption of the Application(Window Title).
Public propertyDeltaTime
Implementation Tasks: Gets the delta time. The delta time is the time it took the last frame to render in milliseconds.
Public propertyFullscreen
Implementation Tasks: Gets or sets a value indicating whether this IRenderCanvasImp is in fullscreen mode. This option can not be applied to all plattforms.
Public propertyHeight
Implementation Tasks: Gets or sets the height(pixel units) of the Canvas.
Public propertyVerticalSync
Implementation Tasks: Gets or sets a value indicating whether vertical synchronization is enabled. This option is used to reduce "Glitches" during rendering.
Public propertyWidth
Implementation Tasks: Gets or sets the width(pixel units) of the Canvas.
Public methodCloseGameWindow
Closes the GameWindow with a call to opentk.
Public methodOpenLink
Opens the given URL in the user's standard web browser. The link MUST start with "http://".
Public methodPresent
Implementation Tasks: Presents the final rendered image. The FrameBuffer needs to be cleared afterwards. The delta time needs to be recalculated when this function is called.
Public methodRun
Runs this instance. This function should not be called more than once as its only for initilization purposes.
Public methodSetCursor
Set the cursor (the mouse pointer image) to one of the pre-defined types
Public methodSetWindowSize
Sets the size of the output window for desktop development.
Public eventInit
Occurs when [init] is called. Implementation Tasks: Handle the Initialization process
Public eventRender
Occurs when [Render] is called.
Public eventResize
Occurs when [Resize] is called.
Public eventUnLoad
Occurs when [UnLoad] is called.
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