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IGeneric6DofConstraintImp Interface

Implementation agnostic representation of a six degrees of freedom constraint.

Namespace:  Fusee.Engine.Common
Assembly:  Fusee.Engine.Common (in Fusee.Engine.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IGeneric6DofConstraintImp : IConstraintImp

The IGeneric6DofConstraintImp type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngularLowerLimit
Gets or sets the angular lower limit.
Public propertyAngularUpperLimit
Gets or sets the angular upper limit.
Public propertyCalculatedTransformA
Gets the calculated transform a.
Public propertyCalculatedTransformB
Gets the calculated transform b.
Public propertyFrameOffsetA
Gets or sets the frame offset a.
Public propertyFrameOffsetB
Gets or sets the frame offset b.
Public propertyLinearLowerLimit
Gets or sets the linear lower limit.
Public propertyLinearUpperLimit
Gets or sets the linear upper limit.
Public propertyRigidBodyA
Gets the rigid body A.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public propertyRigidBodyB
Gets the rigid body B.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public propertyUseFrameOffset
Gets or sets a value indicating whether [use frame offset].
Public propertyUserObject
Gets or sets a user object.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public methodCalcAnchorPos
Calculates the anchor position.
Public methodCalculateTransforms
Calculates the transforms.
Public methodCalculateTransforms(float4x4, float4x4)
Calculates the transforms.
Public methodGetAngle
Gets the angle.
Public methodGetAxis
Gets the axis.
Public methodGetRelativePivotPosition
Gets the relative pivot position.
Public methodGetUid
Gets the uid.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public methodIsLimited
Determines whether the specified limit index is limited.
Public methodSetAxis
Sets the axis.
Public methodSetFrames
Sets the frames.
Public methodSetLimit
Sets the limit.
Public methodTestAngularLimitMotor
Tests the angular limit motor.
Public methodUpdateRhs
Updates the RHS.
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