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IConeTwistConstraintImp Interface

Implementation agnostic representation of a cone twist constraint (a shoulder joint with arbitrary arm roll).

Namespace:  Fusee.Engine.Common
Assembly:  Fusee.Engine.Common (in Fusee.Engine.Common.dll) Version: (
public interface IConeTwistConstraintImp : IConstraintImp

The IConeTwistConstraintImp type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAFrame
Gets the A frame.
Public propertyBFrame
Gets the B frame.
Public propertyFixThresh
Gets or sets the fix threshold.
Public propertyFrameOffsetA
Gets the frame offset a.
Public propertyFrameOffsetB
Gets the frame offset b.
Public propertyIsPastSwingLimit
Gets a value indicating whether this constraint/joint is past the swing limit.
Public propertyRigidBodyA
Gets the rigid body A.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public propertyRigidBodyB
Gets the rigid body B.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public propertySolveSwingLimit
Gets the solve swing limit.
Public propertySolveTwistLimit
Gets the solve twist limit.
Public propertySwingSpan1
Gets the swing span1.
Public propertySwingSpan2
Gets the swing span2.
Public propertyTwistAngle
Gets the twist angle.
Public propertyTwistLimitSign
Gets the twist limit sign.
Public propertyTwistSpan
Gets the twist span.
Public propertyUserObject
Gets or sets a user object.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public methodCalcAngleInfo
Calculates the angle information.
Public methodCalcAngleInfo2
Alternative angle info calculation.
Public methodEnableMotor
Enables the motor.
Public methodGetPointForAngle
Gets the point for angle.
Public methodGetUid
Gets the uid.
(Inherited from IConstraintImp.)
Public methodSetAngularOnly
Set the angular only mode.
Public methodSetDamping
Sets the damping.
Public methodSetLimit(Int32, Single)
Sets the limit.
Public methodSetLimit(Single, Single, Single, Single, Single, Single)
Sets the limit.
Public methodSetMaxMotorImpulse
Sets the maximum motor impulse.
Public methodSetMaxMotorImpulseNormalized
Sets the normalized maximum motor impulse.
Public methodSetMotorTarget
Sets the motor target.
Public methodSetMotorTargetInConstraintSpace
Sets the motor target in constraint space.
Public methodUpdateRhs
Updates the RHS.
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