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Fusee.Engine.GUI Namespace

Classes in this module implement 2D and 3D graphical user interface (GUI) functionality.

Typical GUI components implemented by classes in this module are

  • GUIText - Static on-screen 3D text.
  • GUIPanel - Static on-screen 2D image.
  • GUIButton - On-Screen 2D button with hover and click events.

Public classGUIButton
The GUIButton class provides functionality for creating 2D/GUI buttons.
Public classGUIButtonEventArgs
Better than nothing.
Public classGUIElement
This abstact class allows for creating custom GUIElements.
Public classGUIHandler
Public classGUIImage
The GUIImage class provides functionality for loading and displaying 2D images.
Public classGUIPanel
Public classGUIPanelEventArgs
Better than nothing.
Public classGUIText
The GUIText class provides all text writing functionality.
Public classTextureNodeContainer
Building block to create suitable hierarchies for using textures.
Public delegateGUIButtonHandler
A delegation for the event listeners of a GUIButton.
Public delegateGUIPanelHandler
A delegation for the event listeners of a GUIPanel.