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MaterialLightComponentApplyLightString Field

This string is converted and used for the light calculation during the render traversal.

Make sure that this is a method with the following signature: vec3 ApplyLight(vec3 position, vec3 intensities, vec3 coneDirection, float attenuation, float ambientCoefficient, float coneAngle, int lightType)

Within this method you can use plain GLSL, as well as FUSEE's builtin shader attributes (e.g. FUSEE_ITMV, ...), as long as they were specified from ShaderCodeBuilder during runtime.

Make sure you return your calculated light as vec3.

The ApplyLight method signature is going to change within the next month! (11/2016)

Namespace:  Fusee.Serialization
Assembly:  Fusee.Serialization (in Fusee.Serialization.dll) Version: (
public string ApplyLightString

Field Value

Type: String
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