A list of our papers about FUSEE. Please note that some of them are only available in German.


Title Date Conference
Cross-compiled 3D web applications: problems and solutions August 2014 Siggraph 2014, Vancouver, Canada (peer-reviewed)
Student Project – Portable Real-Time 3D Engine* April 2014 Eurographics 2014, Strasbourg, France (peer-reviewed)
Portable 3D-Browser-Applications Using Cross-Compiled Programming Languages March 2014 CSCI 2014, Las Vegas, NV (peer-reviewed)
Verwendung der Oculus Rift zur Darstellung von 3D-Inhalten October 2013
Furtwangen University Simulation and Entertainment Engine April 2013


*DOI: 10.2312/eged.20141030 – Direct link to published version (only accessable for EG members). The definitive version is available at and