FUSEE Getting Physical

The Bullet OpenSource Physics library now is integrated into FUSEE. Currently only supported on Windows builds, we are working on getting physics engine implementations on other platforms -including the web- to work, too. This should be a straighforward process as all physics engine implementation details are abstracted from FUSEE’s core code.

Find a working downloadable windows demo on the Examples page. The current state of the code can be found in the “Development” branch on our github repo.


New Features

FUSEE 0.5 was released in May. Since then we are working on a lot of new features:

– network support
– animation system
– android support
– blending
– material system
– stereo 3d class
– better Mac OSX support
– text rendering

And many more! Some of them are ready to use but not yet published officially. If you want to work with the new features, take a look at our sourcecode on GitHub (develop branch). Please notice that there still might be bugs. If you encounter an error, please feel free to use GitHub’s issue system or drop us a mail.

Media Award

We are happy to announce that we won an award for FUSEE! We are so cheerful because we worked really hard over the last year and we achieved more than we had expected! Thank you so much everyone. We are definitely going to continue with our work on FUSEE.


The “Media Award” for outstanding work and achievements is awarded by the Faculty of Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen twice a year.

0.5 is here

If you follow us on Facebook this might be old news for you, but hereby we release Fusee version 0.5. Being announced for February this year we took the time to polish this release so it is actually useable.

We also updated the Examples sections of the site, there are two new applications for you to try out and CubeAndTiles had sound added to it. All examples run with Fusee 0.5 and their source is available in our main repository.

Also, you now have a choice how deep you wanna dive into Fusee, we have two releases. Either you can choose to take it slow and use our binary release, developing with Fusee, or you can go head first with our sourcecode release, developing Fusee.

Having a Talk

vegacamp2013_logoSomehow we missed to announce this here on our website, but you might have seen it on our Facebook page. We are giving a talk about Fusee on the VeGA Camp in Stuttgart this Friday at 17:00. It will be all about the Fusee vision, what is in and what is soon to come. Also for Friday and Saturday we’ll have a booth set up with lots of things to show from the (still) upcoming Version 0.5.

VeGA Camp Timeline – FUSEE