cubeandtiles128 Cube and Tiles

Our first demo, shows basic movement and textures. Use the mouse to orbit around the playing field. Use arrow keys to move the cube. On touch devices use a single finger to orbit around the playing field and a second finger to move the cube.

  • f_html524 HTML5 Version (5 MB), cross-compiled from C#, works in Chrome/Firefox/Opera.
  • f_windows24 f_linux24 f_mac24 Stand-Alone-Executable (2 MB), runs on Windows and Linux (and probably on Mac). Make sure you have the Mono runtime installed on non-Windows-platforms. To run the application, unzip the contents and start Examples.CubeAndTiles.exe.
  • f_android24 Android App (6.7 MB), this will download an Android Package (APK). Make sure to enable the installation of apps from “unknown sources” (other than the Play Store) on your Android device’s security settings. Don’t forget to uncheck after installation…

kometcrasher128 ParticleSystem

A simple, practicle built-in particle system.

kometcrasher128 KometKrasher

This is the first little game, by someone who is not on the Fusee development team, built in just a few hours of first contact with Fusee. Thanks to Jan Möller for this one.

PhysicsExample Physics Demo

Shows the current state of integrating the Bullet OpenSource Physics Engine. Currently only available on Windows. Hit Space to fire globes…

SpotTheDiffThumb Spot the Diff

A small game created only with the 2D GUI system built into FUSEE. Make sure to read the wiki article to see how to deal with 2D GUIs

cubeandtiles128 SolarSystem

This demo shows our scenemanagement in action. The real interesting part of this is the code, but since it also looks nice, here you are.

fhand128 HandOverHtml

Here is a nice demo showing how FUSEE output can be layered with standard HTML 5. Since the underlying Website is loaded from a different domain, you cannot interact with the site in this example. The rendering is done using a custom shader applying texture-based lighting and multi-pass cell rendering.

cubeandtiles128 MageExample

Here we render about 8000 polygons and some higher resolution textures.