What is Fusee?

Fusee aims at becoming a 3D realtime engine with a strong emphasis on multiplatform support and content manipulation. Fusee is intended to be used for creating games as well as for industrial visualization projects.

Why is Fusee special?

One of the platforms supported by Fusee is plug-in free HTML5/JavaScript. That means your applications built with Fusee can run in any WebGL enabled Web browser like Chrome and Firefox, without the need to code a single line in JavaScript.

You can use Fusee to create stand-alone-applications, but Fusee can be embedded as a visualization component into all kinds of applications as well.

What programming languages are used with Fusee

Fusee is written mainly in C# and can be programmed in C# or any other .Net language. Fusee makes use of the elegant language constructs offered by C#. Fusee is 100% compatible with Mono, the OpenSource implementation of .Net. Mono can be easily embedded into all kinds of applications. Huge parts of Fusee, as well as applications written on top of it can be cross-compiled to JavaScript using Kevin Gadd’s awesome JSIL compiler.

Which platforms are currently supported?

Our current version 0.5 runs on

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • OUYA
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

You can develop Fusee itself and applications on top of Fusee with Visual Studio on Windows or Monodevelop on Windows and Linux. Use the Visual Studio project template to create a Fusee application with all the right settings on the fly.

What features are currently built into Fusee?

Fusee is pretty new and thus this project is still work in progress. The first goal was to establish an abstraction layer and a robust architecture to make Fusee run on the different platforms including web browsers. The current feature set contains

  • Multitexturing,
  • A set of standard shaders
  • Custom shaders
  • Scene management
  • Sound (also in web browsers)

So, how much does Fusee cost?

Nothing except for the sweat you put into it. Fusee is OpenSource and free as it is licensed under the MIT license. That means, you can use Fusee to create 3D applications with it, but you don’t need to make your application OpenSource.